James H. Groves

James H. Groves Adult High School

Admission Criteria

    The following individuals may enroll in the James H. Groves High School:

  • Adults, 18 years of age and older, who reside in the State of Delaware or who have worked in Delaware for a minimum of one year are eligible.
  • Out of school youth, 16 & 17, who have officially withdrawn from a day school and who have not been expelled or have an expulsion pending shall enroll under a waiver process.
  • Non-residents, who otherwise meet the eligibility requirements set forth above, are also eligible to enroll in the James H. Groves Adult High School.  In addition to completing the entire admissions process, these students must pay $60 per half credit in addition to the materials fee of $27.
  •  Individuals expelled from a local school/district shall not be enrolled in Groves High School for the duration of the expulsion, without first obtaining a waiver from the Department of Education.  Individuals who enroll without a waiver shall lose credits earned during the expulsion period.
  • An applicant for a waiver shall be at least 17 years of age plus intend to graduate from the James H. Groves High School.  Students who have been expelled from a traditional high school may enroll in the James H. Groves Adult High School so long as the students were expelled for a nonviolent reason.  Students shall not be a security threat, must demonstrate an interest in learning, and state specific ways to be a successful student.