Building Trades Classes

“The Other Four-Year Degree”



1.  Who is eligible to attend?      Apprenticeship and School Information


2.  Women in Construction:     Women in Construction Trades


3.  How long are classes?

Our classes run from September until the beginning of April and the majority of our programs are 4 year programs.


4. How do I request to take the ** Advanced Placement Testing (APT)?

Students must request to test out at the time they enroll in school.  There is a non-refundable test out fee of $140 which must be paid at the time of the request.  A minimum grade of 85% is considered passing for the APT.  Students who do not achieve this minimum score will not receive Advanced Placement Credit and will be placed into the appropriate class.  All testing is held at the Marshallton Education Center.

**Any registered apprentice who wishes to attempt to test out of their first or second year of class must first submit a written request from their employer.  This request should indicate that the sponsor is in agreement with the request and should list the training and experience that would qualify the student to successfully complete the Advanced Placement Test.


5.  If I went to one of the New Castle County Vo-Tech High Schools can I receive Advance  Placement in the AED program?

Any graduating senior who has successfully completed all Modules of the Core Curriculum and Level 1 trade specific NCCCER curriculum may be awarded Advanced Placement into Year 2 of the AED classes.  Students must apply within sixteen (16) months after graduation and present their Advanced Placement Certificate or have their name appear on the official lists provided to the AED office by their respective high school.  Students exceeding this time period may attempt to “test-out” of year 1 at their own expense.