Carpentry Program Delaware

Monday & Wednesday (6:30-9:30pm)

Carpentry – Level 1

Course # 131 (Delcastle)

Topics include types of lumber, fasteners, basic site planning, floor systems, wall and ceiling framing, roof framing, windows, doors, and basic stair layout.

 Carpentry – Level 2

Course # 132 (Delcastle)

Topics include commercial drawings, roofing applications, exterior finishing, steel framing, drywall, doors and door hardware, suspended ceilings, trim, and cabinet installation.

 Carpentry – Level 3

Course # 133 (Delcastle)

This course presents the essentials of exterior finishing, roofing applications, and reading information from working drawings. Topics also include framing with metal studs, drywall finishing, suspended ceilings, cabinet installation, and interior finish for windows, doors, floor and ceiling trim.

Carpentry – Level 4

Course # 134 (Delcastle)

This course provides training for site layout including: angular measurement, advanced roof systems, advanced floor systems, wall systems, and stair systems. Topics also include introduction to light equipment, metal buildings and crew leader skills.