Construction Craft Laborer

Construction Craft Labor Delaware

Monday & Wednesday (6:30-9:30pm)

Construction Craft Laborer 1

Course # 511 (Hodgson)

The Core Curriculum contains safety, an introduction to hand and power tools, rigging, math, and blueprint reading. The second half of the year includes orientation to the trade, building materials, fasteners and adhesives, site layout one, introduction to concrete, foundations and slab-on grade, reinforcing concrete plus handling and placing concrete.

Construction Craft Laborer 2

Course # 512 (Hodgson)

This second year course expands the students learning experience by exposing them to a variety of related construction trades. The curriculum includes more advanced skills used in the following trades: Carpentry, Masonry, Mobile Crane Operations, Ironworking, Electrical, Heavy Equipment Operations, and Welding.