Electrician Programs in Delaware

Tuesday & Thursday (6:30-9:30pm)

All students are required to provide their own current National Electric Code (NEC) book.

 Electric 1

Course # 181 (Delcastle)

Topics include the Core Curriculum, instruction in conduit bending, electrical theory, test equipment, raceways, boxes and fittings, and the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Electric 2

Course # 182 (Delcastle)

Topics include alternating current, motor theory and application, grounding, conduit bending, boxes and fittings, conductor installations, terminations and splices, installation of electrical services, cable tray, circuit breakers and fuses, contactors and relays, and electric lighting.

Electric 3

Course # 183 (Delcastle)

Topics include load calculations branch circuits; conductor selection and calculations; over current protection; raceway, box and fitting requirements; wiring devices; distribution equipment; distribution system transformers, lamps, ballasts and components; motor calculations; motor maintenance; motor controls; and hazardous locations.

Electric 4

Course # 184 (Delcastle)

Topics includes load calculations- feeders and service, practical applications of lighting, standby and emergency systems, basic electronic theory, fire alarm systems, specialty transformers, advanced motor controls, motor maintenance, HVAC controls, heat tracing, freeze protection, and high-voltage terminations /splices.


For Additional information on Electrician Licensure please see the link below: