HVAC delaware

Monday & Wednesday (6:30-9:30pm)

All students are required to provide their own current International Mechanical Code Book.


Course # 411 (Hodgson)

Level one includes introduction to HVAC, trade mathematics, copper and plastic piping practices, soldering and brazing, ferrous metal typing practices, basic electricity, introduction to cooling, introduction to heating, and air distribution systems in addition to the core curriculum modules.


Course # 412 (Hodgson)

Level two provides an expansion of basic HVAC theory and principles through the use of field trips, lab exercises, videos and readings. Topics covered include refrigeration theory and its application to HVAC systems, electrical theory and troubleshooting including electrical circuits, motors and controls, heat pumps, electric, oil, and gas heating equipment plus an introduction to Hydronic heating and cooling.


Course # 413 (Hodgson)

This course provides an expansion of basic theories covered in HVAC 1 & 2. Topics include electrical power, heat loss/gain calculations, airflow and duct design principles, steam and water piping, appropriate codes, system design, and equipment selection plus blue print and schematic reading as it pertains to the items contained in the curriculum.


Course # 414 (Hodgson)

This course provides an opportunity for students to expand upon their HVAC system troubleshooting techniques through the use of classroom theory and shop applications. Topics covered include electrical controls, code, and refrigeration equipment.