In-School Credit Program

James H. Groves and other New Castle County schools have joined together to provide services for students who are unable to complete graduation requirements during the regular school day.  The program will permit students to continue their education at their home school and attend classes at the James H. Groves Adult High School.

The In-School Credit Program:

  • Provides the student with the opportunity to graduate from his/her home school while enrolled in a flexible program at Groves.
  • Provides a positive, supportive atmosphere for students with a goal of improved attendance and increased student responsibility.
  • Provides assistance for students to overcome life’s problems and complete high school.
  • High school students who are at least 16 years of age and enrolled for at least one credit in their home school may earn an unrestricted number of credits in the Groves In-School Alternative Credit Program and still graduate from their home high school.
  • To enroll in this program, students shall have the permission of their home high school, their parent(s), guardian(s) or relative caregiver and the Groves High School principal or designee.
  • All students enrolled in the Groves In-School Credit Program shall be included in the September 30th unit count of their home high school.
  • Students who withdraw from their home high school and transfer to the Groves High School shall no longer be considered as a student in the Groves In-School Credit Program and shall be assessed the materials fee for that trimester.