Iron Worker

Iron Worker Delaware

Monday & Wednesday (6:30-9:30pm)

Iron Worker 1

Course # 271 (Delcastle)

A broad range of topics include safety on-the-job, means and methods of access, use of tools and equipment, construction cranes, rigging, blue prints, structural iron working, plumbing aligning and guying, fastening, oxy fuel cutting, introduction to arc welding, metal decking, field fabrication, steel joists and joists girders plus the core curriculum modules.

Iron Worker 2

Course # 272 (Delcastle)

This course includes the following modules: position arc welding, introduction to reinforcing steel, trade math, blue print reading 2, rigging 2, joists and joist girders, construction cranes 2, levels, transits and electronic survey devices structural iron working 2, and miscellaneous metals.

Iron Worker 3

Course # 273 (Delcastle)

This course includes the following modules: weld testing, placing and tying reinforcing steel, construction cranes 3, special rigging, post- tensioning, pre-engineered systems, ornamental iron working, stud welding field fabrication 2, demolition, pre- cast/tilt up erection, and structural iron working 3.