Masonry Delaware

Tuesday & Thursday (6:30-9:30pm)

This program will only be offered if there is an adequate enrollment for Masonry 1 of at least six (6) or more students registered for fall classes.
Masonry 1

Course # 631 (St. Georges)

Level one includes an introduction to masonry, masonry tools and equipment, measurements, drawings and specifications, mortar, masonry units and installation techniques in addition to core curriculum materials. Techniques for level plumb, range, block to line, and facing materials will also be included.

Masonry 2

Course # 632 (St. Georges)

This course provides instruction for the second year masonry student in brick masonry. Topics include residential plans and drawing interpretation, residential masonry, grout and other reinforcement, metal work in masonry, advanced laying techniques, construction techniques and moisture control, construction inspection and quality control.

Masonry 3

Course # 633 (St. Georges)

This course includes instruction in masonry in hi-rise construction, specialized materials and techniques, repair and restoration, commercial drawings, estimating, site layout and introductory skills for the crew leader.