Pipe Welding

A spark of light

Monday & Wednesday (6:30-9:30pm)

Full Year Pipe Welding Class – Tuition $580.00 + $120.00 Administrative Fee= $700.00

Prerequisite – Students must be able to weld with 6010 and 7018 electrodes in the flat, vertical, and overhead positions on plate steel.

 Pipe Welding 1

Course # 231 (Delcastle)

This course will cover safety precautions, equipment used for pipe welding, techniques for fit-up of pipe joints, welding, and defects. The student will weld pipe in the 2G and 2F positions. All completed welds will undergo a bend test.

Pipe Welding 2

Course # 232 (Delcastle)

This course will cover pipe welding test positions and up and down hill welding techniques for 5F and 5G positions with both 6010 and 7018 electrodes. All completed work will be rated against criteria for acceptance.

Pipe Welding 3

Course # 233 (Delcastle)

This course will cover pipe welding in the 6G position using up and down hill techniques. Students will present and test all welds in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure vessel code, Section IX. TIG welding techniques will also be introduced.

Pipe Welding 4

Course # 234 (Delcastle)

This course will cover Gas-Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) of pipe in all positions using the single V-groove butt joint. The student will be able to describe how a pipe joint is prepared for welding, list the four most common root defects, and the causes of each. In addition, students will learn both when and why a backing ring is used. MIG welding will be introduced.