Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM

Pipefitting Level 1                                                                    Course # 281 (Delcastle)

This 159-hour course includes the initial assessment, enrichment, and post-test in addition to the curriculum developed by the NCCER. The second semester curriculum includes orientation to the pipefitting trade, hand tools and power tools, oxy-fuel cutting, ladders and scaffolds, and motorized equipment.


Pipefitting Level 2                                                                    Course # 282 (Delcastle)

Prerequisite … Completion of Pipefitting 1 or equivalent

This 150-hour course follows the curriculum developed by NCCER. Level 2 introduces piping systems including chemical, compressed air, fuel oil, steam, and water systems and explains how to identify piping systems according to color codes. Level 2 also introduces the student to drawings and detail sheets, identifying and installing valves, pipefitting trade math; threaded pipe, socket weld pipe, and butt weld pipe fabrications; excavations and underground pipe installation.