Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Delaware

Tuesday & Thursday (6:30-9:30pm)

The sheet metal curriculum includes the updated NCCER curriculum plus pattern layout and development. Welding is included as part of the shop experience during the third year of the program. Fabrication of fittings selected from the list of Kaberlein drafting assignments is included in all four years.

Sheet Metal 1

Course # 221 (Delcastle)

This course will cover the NCCER Core Curriculum and Level 1 which includes: Introduction to the Sheet Metal trade; Tools of the trade; Introduction to sheet metal layout and processes; Trade math – 1; Fabrication – 1/Parallel line development; Installation of duct work and air distribution accessories; Insulation; and Architectural sheet metal.

Sheet Metal 2

Course # 222 (Delcastle)

This course includes: Trade Math – 2; Basic Piping Practices; Fabrication– 2/Radial Line Development; Bend Allowances; Blue Prints and Specifications; Air Properties and Distribution; Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication Standards; Soldering; and Fiber-glass duct.

 Sheet Metal 3

Course # 223 (Delcastle)

This course includes: Trade Math –3; Field Measuring and fitting; Air systems; Introduction to Welding, Brazing, and cutting; Principles of Refrigeration; Principles of air flow; Comprehensive Blue Print and Specification Reading; Fabrication – 3/Triangulation; and Architectural Sheet Metal.

Sheet Metal 4

Course # 224 (Delcastle)

This course includes: Shop production and organization; Air Balancing; Louvers, Dampers, and Access doors; Fume and Exhaust system design; Fabrication -4/comprehensive review; and Introductory skills for the crew leader.