Sprinkler Fitting

Sprinkler Fitting Classes in Delaware

Monday & Wednesday (6:30-9:30pm)

Sprinkler Fitting 1

Course # 681 (Hodgson)

This course will cover the NCCER Core Curriculum and Level 1 which includes: orientation to the trade, introduction to components and systems, steel pipe, CPVC pipe and fittings, copper tube systems and underground pipe.

Sprinkler Fitting 2

Course # 682 (Hodgson)

This course will cover the following topics: Hangers, supports, restraints, and guides. General purpose valves, general trade math, shop drawings, standard spray fire sprinklers, wet fire sprinkler systems, and dry-pipe systems.

Sprinkler Fitting 3

Course # 683 (Hodgson)

This course will cover the following topics: Deluge/Preaction systems, standpipes, water supplies, and fire pumps.

Sprinkler Fitting 4

Course # 684 (Hodgson)

This course will cover following topics:  System layout, inspection, testing and maintenance, special extinguishing systems, introductory skills for the foreman, and procedures and documentation.