Four-Year Welding Program

Welding Programs in Delaware

Monday & Wednesday (6:30-9:30pm)

Full Year Welding Class – Tuition $580.00 + $120 Administrative Fee =$700.00

Welding 1

Course # 261 (Delcastle)

This course will cover the NCCER Core Curriculum and Level 1 which includes: welding safety; oxy-fuel cutting; base metal preparation; weld quality; SMAW equipment and setup, electrodes and selection, beads and fillet welds, groove welds with backing, open V-groove welds, open root pipe welds; plus joint fit-up and alignment.

Welding 2

Course # 262 (Delcastle)

Participants will review shop and welding safety procedures. Participants will practice SMAW multi- position groove welds, plate and pipe, reading welding symbols, drawings, and practice joint fit up and alignment.

 Welding 3

Course # 263 (Delcastle)

This course includes safety practices, GMAW and FCAW equipment setup and use, practice multi- position plate welds. Introduction to Basic Plasma Arc cutting, and GTAW equipment and basic welding procedures.

Welding 4

Course # 264 (Delcastle)

This course includes: GTAW carbon steel pipe multi-position welding, introduction to GTAW stainless and aluminum multi-position pipe welding.